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With a public debt of over two hundred and ninety billon dollars, atrocious toilet facilities at Stewartville primary school and others, a poor irrigation system in the city, very poor waste management practice etc can the Government of Guyana really afford to give away a dime?

The Citizens and the private sector that are pouring money to help Haiti are attention seeking hypocrites. None of them would agree to pool their resources, especially so much; at least once a year to assist the poor and deprived of Tiger bay or Parika Back dam to meet their daily needs, Kids First Fund etc. Guyana is a poor country. Why are hanging our hats where our hands cannot meet?  

Did the Finance Minister and the Economist  of the government (i.e if we have one) really consulted with BJ on this issue?  BJ is not entitled to another term so we have to keep him on a tight leash before he destroys the economy which will make things worst for the new president.

In conclusion, Trinidad contributed one million US dollars too, should we conclude that Guyana’s Economy is equivalent to Trinidad’s?


Following -up!

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UPDATE: Following the alleged fraud at the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). Three officers were suspended without pay (two males and one pregnant female); one of the officers were fired because he was in the United States of America on vacation when he heard that GRA found out about his dealings and so he never returned to Guyana and it was also disclosed to the Millennialz that the Guyana Government hired a foreign specialist to investigate the matter.

We were confident that this issue would have been an easy task for the GRA since  it was reported that “The GRA recently implemented a new information technology system costing in excess of US$6M through support given under loan agreement with the Inter American Development Bank (IDB). This system has strengthened GRA’s safeguards against fraud and corruption. GRA said that the integrated database has high security features that are capable of tracking any unauthorised use of the system.GRA was able to determine through this feature who would have had access to the system and as such was able to pinpoint exactly the staff who made the adjustments.”

Since the GRA is so confident why wasn’t these officers who were involved being taken to court and penalized accordingly.

What a Shame…

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The minister within the Education Ministry of Guyana Ms Desiree Fox’s body is available for viewing at the Umana Yana. It’s sad but it’s a shame and the Millennialz think that such a calamity should give you an idea of the mindset of a portion of our Government Officials. This is how we see it:-

  1. It is Obvious that she was not wearing her seatbelt, in the recent past we’ve noticed that many Officials feel that they are above the law and so they don’t have to wear a seatbelt. This is so because many traffic officers know that if they should give these officials a ticket or apprehend them for such “petty offenses” or any they will be victimized for eternity. Now she is dead.
  2. Like her, her son felt that he had the power and audacity to overrule the Law so the wailing ambulance they collided with had no merit.

It’s an indignity and it will be sheltered by the Government. Nevertheless, such reckless behaviors will continue to thrive and there will be the death of more both the innocent and guilty.

LCDS Pt. 2

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Yes, we’re preserving our forest. Is that where it ends? Our dear President is preaching to other developing countries about Low Carbon Development Strategy and is forgetting to consider a few key yet minute things.  Don’t get me wrong the LCD initiative is a great idea but what about the little things such as

  1. The amount of extra energy consumed everyday per person that can be avoided e.g. wasting electricity and water.
  2. The constant disposal of materials that can be recycled e.g. Plastic bottles, bags and utensils.
  3. The use of gasoline, diesel and kerosene.
  4. The proper disposal of garbage.

What logic is it to be preserving the forest and not instigating those three measly things we have mentioned above? Everyday people waste electricity and water; over the past few years the only step taken to avoid these acts form happening is via verbal warnings and advices on the television. When will the price for water and electricity rise while the cost for solar panels is alternately decreased?  When will the authorities hire and adequately compensate the necessary Human Resources needed to monitor, evaluate and penalize the citizens accordingly?

Plastic Products are destructive to this country and the environment in so many ways e.g. Floods and Global warming yet to date nothing is really being done to fix this. O yes, we’re preserving our forest right? So no need to make the taxes charged or price floor higher for certain plastic commodities hence restricting the general public from affording to carelessly handle these items e.g. Plastic bags.  

All in all, when we heard about the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) we were foreseeing Guyana to be the first “green” land hence this move by the reigning government would have affected us socially, economically and politically. We thought that soon the government would have made the import of vehicles fuelled by hydrogen tax free, make wind mill farms in Linden and in the Mountains of region 9, introduce new recycling techniques and generally little by little teach us to be good citizens while emitting less carbon dioxide and methane.

Fraud at GRA again?

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One year after…no no no 300 millions dollars after the deed had been done Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner – Khurshid Sattaur is telling us that the Guyana Revenue Authority has been defrauded.  How pro active of you Mr. Sattaur, you should be commended for your actions.  If you had made wise decisions and not cheap ones in the past when employing  the necessary steps to secure the GRA you would not have been on TV telling us that we lost 300 million to one man.  I want to  stray a bit from the topic just  to ask:-

  1. Who oversees the Guyana Revenue Authority? PAC?
  2. What “yard stick “do they use to evaluate the performance of the Commissioner General- Khurshid Sattaur, Auditor General- Deodat Sharma, the Accountant General-Hardutt Autar Etc?

Please don’t tell me that you use Performance Appraisals or measure the outputs alone, give me an answer that addresses the subject of ‘Value for Money’. I want to Know that we are not paying them a high salary, allowances and the other rewards the job attracts just to be a nincompoop.

We acknowledge that action is being taken by the Law to imprison the guilty ones but is that how it goes ?

“So If I defraud the government millions of dollars and I get caught “red handed” ill do time and my “lil bit” assets would be seized but I have an a/c and a functioning business somewhere foreign that will sustain my wife,children and sweet woman; OR If I’m suspected to be involved I can always bribe a Police officer[knowing the culture of the paramilitary Force here in Guyana] or three to be freed.”

If that trend continues year after year we/ Guyana will obviously loose more revenue which will cause our poor President to go begging again  for help, our meager salaries would not increase significantly, people will become frustrated because they cannot afford a better/comfortable lifestyle and then Khurshid Sattaur will be in a press conference in April 2010 saying that the GRA had just lost 600 million[300 million *2] dollars due to fraud again.



LCD Fuss

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The Social and Political environment in Guyana always got me pondering too many issues, too many times so I have taken the time to chronicle them. I’m somewhat a represenattive of some of the youths in Guyana and so my ideas maybe from time to time a bit unwise. The comment section is open for discussions, opinions, answers and advises.

One of the Issues that have been on my mind is this LCD fuss.                             

Yesterday the President of Guyana signed a deal with Norway as part of this South American country’s effort to avoid the emission from deforestation. Some or most of us appeared surprised; as you may know “young people” don’t really look at channel 11 and read the dailies daily but we know that the president’s efforts were not hopeless. We have  noticed how many overseas trips our dear president has made for the past year begging whomever he can, to give him money to preserve our forest and we must not forget how our Minister of Agriculture is/was assuring the Amerindians and the Timber Businessmen that this initiative will not affect their livelihood. The newspaper said that 250 Million dollars will be paid to Guyana; that was not the initial sum my President was begging for but I guess he succumbed to the proverbial saying “beggers cannot be choosers”.

  1. Will we be getting the $250 million in Cash, Oil, Marbles or otherwise?
  2. If cash,Will the Ministry of Finance be managing the money and then be audited by the State’s Auditors?
  3. What exactly are the strategies and reforms that will be undertaken to enforce low carbon emission?
  4. Do we have trained professionals to carry out these strategies or do we have to employ the Norwegians?
  5. What criterion was used to determine the worth of the land.

All in all we at the Millennialz want to know the terms and conditions of that document signed yesterday; we want documents like these to be published so as to confirm the implied transparent nature of the ruling government. 

We feel that it is unfair that undeveloped countries should have to forsake their development in the name of the environment while most of the developed countries are continuing to do as they please.